Monday, 14 March 2011

A weekend in Belgium...

This weekend just gone I took a trip to Belgium, and visited Brussels and Bruges. My first stop on Friday was Brussels where I visited Grand Place which was amazing - a must visit if you are interested in architecture. Brussels was filled with street art, especially when you step into the side streets. Brussels really knew how to mix up different street styles and architecture.
Also in Brussels I visited a flea market, it was an absolute treasure trove - but you have to be prepared to rummage as there is equally as much trash as there is treasure.
I bought this necklace from there - the man wanted 10 euros but I haggled my way down to 5!

The rest of the time we had a delicious waffle and tasted lots of chocolate!

On Friday night we headed to Bruges where i stayed until Sunday. This was a really cool place where I visited the Dali Museum, visited the food market, and got lost down all the little side streets, visited the permanent scaffolding house and eat a traditional Belgium meal!

Whilst in Bruges I also bought the Belgium ELLE and Vs Magazine!

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