Sunday, 27 March 2011

Paolo Ventura - Reinventing the fashion story.

In the Spring/Summer 2011 edition of Vs Magazine (if you haven't come across this zine yet I urge you to take a look at their website and their short films), Paolo Ventura made miniature sets by hand for the fashion shoot set which were then photographed and feature Lily Cole. They are absolutely amazing and so life like.

This fashion shoot, is the first to be done in this way, and it really proves the point how art and fashion merge and interrelate so well together.

Its crazy how talented this man is and he has shown how the fashion story can constructed in different ways.

In an interview with Vs, Ventura explained how he came to build a career in taking photos of small handcrafted dioramas. He said that "I knew what I wanted; I had a story in my head. I was thinking of something vague and specific at the time. So I started looking. I traveled all over Italy for almost a year. I went to Sicily. I found these mummies, this church. I found interesting things. But it wasn't my own story. When I came back, I realised what I was looking for wasn't there. So one day, I just started building."

Ventura is inspired by the past - for example his childhood - when he used to explore old broken down circuses.

The tiny sets are made out of any materials Ventura can get his hands on - wood, plastic, also things sourced from flea markets.

His work...

The Vs Shoot:

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