Monday, 27 February 2012


I love these images which I came across on the French brand's Brooklyn We Go Hard's website. The photographer Kevin Couliau is one of the most known street basketball photographers, whilst also being a film director. These images were taken in New York City when he was filming a documentary 'Doin't in the Park'.

The images show how even in the everyday spaces of our lives, something can be found and turned into an interesting subject to study.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

#1 Christopher Kane A/W 12 LFW

This is one of my drawings of one of my favourite looks of LFW AW 12 - Christopher Kane, I absolutely love this dress. I want my blog to start becoming a little bit more creative and not just me reposting a lot of pictures.
My drawing skills are minimal so I drew the background, photoshoped the flowers on and photoshoped my Grandma's head in - Viola! An awesome image with a cut and paste feel.
I'm gonna be doing 5 images each week, alternating menswear and womenswear, my grandparents will have never looked so good.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

#1 If I were a boy...

This is my first 'If I were a boy...' post, which I have just thought up this very moment!

I have to say today has been one of those ideas where everything just clicks into their right places and you let out a big sigh of relief, that you have once again proved to yourself that your brain is capable of being creative and your whole existance is not a waste of space.
Rambling will now discontinue.

If I were a boy I would purchase these Visvim Patrician-Folk Derby brogue shoe.

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Chloe Sevigny for Interview Magazine

Along with every other girl my age I have a crush on Chloe Sevigny. The photos are from Interview magazine's most recent issue named 'The Men's Issue', which may have something to do with how these images are shot? Is it me or do these images look in some way brutal - not very easy on the eye, and very different to how other magazines have shot Sevigny, who is usually cast the role as the cute indie girl. I love these images as they definitely show a different side to her persona, one that is very rarely uncovered.