Saturday, 18 June 2011

Nail Art.

Personally I don't like long fake nails, they just don't suit me - on my friend Harrie however they look lovely.
Although I have a major love love LOVE of nail art on shorter nails!
Now's the time to get practicing in time for summer holidays...
Here's some of my favorite nail art designs!
WAH nails who are based in London are definitely the go to people for nail art designs, they have a concessions in Topshop on Oxford Circus and one in Dalston East London.
For the palm trees forget trying to master them with nail polish and use permanent markers!

WAH Nails banana manicure


Cute combo!

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Resurrected, back from the dead, revived, whatever you wanna call it I am back again to breathe new life into my blog and this time I am gonna do it differently. Its gonna get much more personal and more about my experiences with fashion, as well as my life in general.

My aim isn't to entice other bloggers with the very favourable 'I shall follow you if you follow moi' quip.
If you like my blog send me a comment and I shall have a gander at your blog :)

Ciao x