Thursday, 13 December 2012


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Monday, 10 December 2012

Weald Handmade Interview

I don't know about you, but now a days I think I am checking out ASOS marketplace more than the ASOS store itself. There is an array of amazing independent designers featured there from around the globe, and the one I came across the other week that caught my eye was Weald Handmade. Anyone who knows me will know that I have a little bit of a soft spot for wallet clutch bags. And Weald Handmade have some beautiful ones featured in their boutique, along with some of the most loveliest leather bags imaginable.

I decided to get in touch with Weald Handmade and asked if I could feature them on my blog and they kindly said yes! So here is Sarah Brown from Weald Handmade in conversation with NottStylish...

Tell me about yourself, where is Weald Handmade based? Are you a dog or cat lover? Where is your favourite place to go and favourite person to see?
I'm 27 years old and live in Leigh-on-sea, Essex a seaside town where Weald Handmade is based. I also own a Coffee shop called Barlow & Fields in the same area with my husband and a friend of ours. I did a law degree with intentions to become a lawyer but this instead led to me working for the same charity since I graduated. I wouldn't say I am a cat or dog lover (that's bad to admit isn't it?) although I love my parents dog Annie which surprises me as I always wanted them to get a pig. I even drew up a design for the garden so it could accommodate said pig - unfortunately my parents still didn't budge. I love the seaside where I live, a 5 minute walk and suddenly this beautiful view of the fishing boats. Me and my husband walk along there half admiring the view and half discussing which of the expensive large houses that line the parade we would buy if we won the lottery.
How did Weald Handmade come about?
I got into designing and making because I could never find what I wanted. I would have an image in my mind but obviously that didn't exist anywhere so what better way to make it exist than create it yourself? I was designing and making ladies and children's fashion and ended up with so much on my plate when we started planning the coffee shop that I decided I needed to concentrate on one thing and really make that work before expanding so much. I took everything I learnt from this and channelled it into the bags. I had worked mainly with silk previously and really liked the idea of working with a material so different. A new challenge to kick stat my motivation.
Is the collection featured on your Marketplace boutique your first?
Yes this is my first collection.
What was the process that you went through to complete the collection?
I'm very impatient and know like any other designer that making up samples using a cheaper, replicate material is the sensible and correct process. However, my patience doesn't allow for this most of the time. I like to have a basic drawing of a design and then work with the material during the construction process. I find that I'm not then subconsciously restricting myself to a drawing, I can adapt and design as I make. This has led to some disasters, sure, but has also led to some of my best designs. I've sometimes ended up with something that looks nothing like my original drawing but in actual fact, something I like better.
What were your inspirations for the bags you have made?
For this particular collection I took inspiration from geometric shapes whilst referencing the nostalgia of school days. I spent hours on the Internet looking at shapes and patterns - Pinterest became my life.
Was there in point in the process of putting together the collection that you doubted the idea would work?
 I would say I've doubted before the process, during the process and after. I'm constantly doubting and questioning whether I could have done that better or this better. I suppose that's the risk of putting your designs out there for people to see. During craft fayres I sit there ear wigging to comments from browsers and customers, this is invaluable feedback I can use constructively through my designs. I would say my collection is live, it can adapt, change and evolve. That's the beauty of being the designer and maker, you're not restricted by seasons that dictate the fashion world but can introduce a new design when the mood takes you or reinvent a current one.
Has designing and making accessories always been what you wanted to do?
 I remember being told at school that art or design weren't really avenues to a career so always saw it as a hobby. I decided I wanted to be rich, wear a suit and be a lawyer. I studied law and then decided the job of a lawyer wasn't for me and instead channelled the skills and knowledge I had learnt into working for a charity securing the voice and rights of people with learning disabilities and I've been there since.
What is your background - did you study design beforehand?
 I'm actually self taught. My mum studied design and is a dressmaker herself so I had the perfect teacher on my doorstep.
I read on your blog that you are now stocking WO/MEN in London which is great news! How is it going? Any plans for any future stockists?
It's going well thank you. I'm hoping to be able to stock more places in the future but at present I am concentrating on selling direct. I also have an Etsy shop and have even made a few sales through twitter and Facebook. I must admit marketing is not my forte and selling online requires so much more input than I had originally imagined. I will most certainly be looking out for some courses and guidance on this. I've just started following The Design Trust on twitter which is a constant steam of advice and guidance for design and craft businesses.
What are the plans for 2013 and beyond for Weald Handmade?
Well my husband and I have just found out that we are expecting our first child, so 2013 will be an eventful year for us. In regards to Weald Handmade I hope to have more stockists and to have built up a larger online presence. I'm already getting some rough designs on paper for the New Year and have just found a really good leather supplier. I think my priority though is to better my understanding of selling online and marketing. I'm not one for planning too much as I would just prefer to see where it all takes me.
Do you have any advice for young designer/makers/craft entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
I would say just go for it. If it's what you want to do, then what's the harm in trying? I always said I would regret not doing it more than doing it and it not working out. This mindset was also the driving force for opening our coffee shop. Selling online isn't as easy as just sticking your product photos and descriptions up - it turns out there is much more to it than that. Which is something I soon discovered for myself. Talk to other designer/makers, share your experiences, good and bad. Attending fayres has given me such a good insight into customer's reactions to my products. Before you do your first fayre attend some as a customer, look at which stalls catch your eye and why - do the same with online shops as well - this can give you some ideas on how to display your products in the best way. Again this is still a learning curve for me. I read the "Quit your day job" stories on Etsy - great for motivation and each seller featured always has a list of advice to fellow makers.
Check out Weald Handmade here.
Follow Weald Handmade on twitter here.

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Rules of Attraction - Bret Easton Ellis

I like reflecting on books that I read after I have finished with them, looking back on what they have told me. Last night I laid in bed thinking about The Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis for over an hour. I love the informal, thoughts running through their minds way that the story was written. It was comic, but also a little sad. Ellis perfectly reflects how sometimes we can receive and create messages that are mixed and sometimes create our own reality and what we want to happen rather than what actually is. The characters are sometimes oblivious to how they are making others feel and are impacting on others.

The character's lives seem empty - they have no hold on real life, as if they and those around them have given up. Considering there was no big climax or moment to the story, I always wanted to continue reading. The characters have an addictive quality - destructive and dangerous - their lives seemed to be hanging by a thread ready to snap at any moment and propel the characters into an even darker abyss from the one they were currently inhabiting. Not one of the characters were happy - even though they had a lot of sex, took a lot of drugs and had a lot of possessions. This aspect of the book really resonated with
me, it told in words the feeling that you get inside that
something is missing which you try to fill with as many
things and substances that you possibly can. But nothing
works and its an aching feeling that just won't shift, and
which remains unresolved at the end of the novel.

I could go on forever.

Read it - The Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis

Thursday, 12 April 2012


I came across CAST Eye Wear when I was in Milan back in March in a little record store called Serendipity. The store had an incredible vibe, with the guys behind the counter djing and playing great music. CAST eye wear is a new brand specialising in sunglasses, their designs just ooze cool and their brand imagery is definitely a feast for the good old retinas. Its a big shame that this brand isn't in the UK but it is launching an e-store from its website. I need the ME FLAKE design. Check out their website and blog for great imagery and inspiration and keep your fingers crossed for some UK stockists!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I am a little late with discovering Kezia Frederick's work who graduated from Central St. Martins last year in 2011. I love the print and layering of her clothes, which can either be worn together (not for the faint hearted) or a single piece as the statement.

I am definitely using the acid yellow socks paired with Nike Airs as inspiration.

Monday, 12 March 2012

#1 MILAN - blue suede creepers

My one and only purchase from my visit to Milan.

I bought these shoes from a little store named Stiu down Corso Porta Ticinese on Thursday, and the shop was full of beautiful shoes, mainly creepers. These came in either red, blue, black or mustard yellow, I could have bought them all. With the cut out features round the front of the shoe these shoes will be perfect for summer and winter.

Monday, 27 February 2012


I love these images which I came across on the French brand's Brooklyn We Go Hard's website. The photographer Kevin Couliau is one of the most known street basketball photographers, whilst also being a film director. These images were taken in New York City when he was filming a documentary 'Doin't in the Park'.

The images show how even in the everyday spaces of our lives, something can be found and turned into an interesting subject to study.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

#1 Christopher Kane A/W 12 LFW

This is one of my drawings of one of my favourite looks of LFW AW 12 - Christopher Kane, I absolutely love this dress. I want my blog to start becoming a little bit more creative and not just me reposting a lot of pictures.
My drawing skills are minimal so I drew the background, photoshoped the flowers on and photoshoped my Grandma's head in - Viola! An awesome image with a cut and paste feel.
I'm gonna be doing 5 images each week, alternating menswear and womenswear, my grandparents will have never looked so good.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

#1 If I were a boy...

This is my first 'If I were a boy...' post, which I have just thought up this very moment!

I have to say today has been one of those ideas where everything just clicks into their right places and you let out a big sigh of relief, that you have once again proved to yourself that your brain is capable of being creative and your whole existance is not a waste of space.
Rambling will now discontinue.

If I were a boy I would purchase these Visvim Patrician-Folk Derby brogue shoe.

Available at

Chloe Sevigny for Interview Magazine

Along with every other girl my age I have a crush on Chloe Sevigny. The photos are from Interview magazine's most recent issue named 'The Men's Issue', which may have something to do with how these images are shot? Is it me or do these images look in some way brutal - not very easy on the eye, and very different to how other magazines have shot Sevigny, who is usually cast the role as the cute indie girl. I love these images as they definitely show a different side to her persona, one that is very rarely uncovered.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Spanish Moss Look Book S/S 2012

I absolutely love these images from Spanish Moss' S/S 2012 look book titled
'Headed to the Canyon', if you haven't checked this brand out before I definitely
recommend it it also sells vintage clothing as well as it's own brand. I love the laid back
feel to the photography.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Top Eight iPad Apps

I recieved an iPad for Christmas from my parents, and I don't think I have been able to put it down since! I have downloaded many apps, mainly fashion and here are my top 8...

1. The Collection by New York Times
I have just downloaded this and I am already hooked! Great for reviews and the street section by Bill Cunningham are a must.
2. Valet magazine
I have recently joined the news team and since then have been really focusing my reading around menswear - valet's morning reports are a must read!
3. Love magazine
Love magazine is great to get inspiration on editorials every time you visit the app you can download a new fashion shoot or interview - their Abi Clancy one was amazing!
4. Self Service magazine
Who doesn't love this magazine? I love love love their photography and features, styling everything! the iPad is a shorter version of their biannual magazine, cannot wait for the next one. I truly admire their work.
5. ASOS magazine
They do have some great content, but their presentation and layout of their iPad magazine is genius, with moving, clickable pictures and videos within features.
6. The Times
For getting all the news and headlines, before this I was never up to date!
7. The Daily W
Their features are a must read.
Great for getting all the up to date pictures of the runway shows when you're on the go.