Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Top Eight iPad Apps

I recieved an iPad for Christmas from my parents, and I don't think I have been able to put it down since! I have downloaded many apps, mainly fashion and here are my top 8...

1. The Collection by New York Times
I have just downloaded this and I am already hooked! Great for reviews and the street section by Bill Cunningham are a must.
2. Valet magazine
I have recently joined the news team and since then have been really focusing my reading around menswear - valet's morning reports are a must read!
3. Love magazine
Love magazine is great to get inspiration on editorials every time you visit the app you can download a new fashion shoot or interview - their Abi Clancy one was amazing!
4. Self Service magazine
Who doesn't love this magazine? I love love love their photography and features, styling everything! the iPad is a shorter version of their biannual magazine, cannot wait for the next one. I truly admire their work.
5. ASOS magazine
They do have some great content, but their presentation and layout of their iPad magazine is genius, with moving, clickable pictures and videos within features.
6. The Times
For getting all the news and headlines, before this I was never up to date!
7. The Daily W
Their features are a must read.
Great for getting all the up to date pictures of the runway shows when you're on the go.

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