Thursday, 17 March 2011

Postcards, hoarding, late night bingo and religion

Collecting postcards is a major habit of mine and any little shop cards, scraps of fabric, patterns, magazine clippings and any chit that I can get my hands on! Due to the nature of my course (fashion marketing and branding) I think they are great to stick up round your room to gaze at for inspiration and to generate new ideas. It also reminds me of great trips such as the postcards I bought in New York, which are totally different from the ones I found in Belgium.

I am a hoarder to the extent where I am still wearing t-shirts I bought when I was 13 - my favorite T-shirt is included in this - the infamous 'Jesus is my homeboy'. And just for the record I'm not a religious freak, I don't know whether I am 'BELIEVER' or not? Its a touchy subject. Anyway getting back on track... Hoarding - ahhh yes that was it. My hording explains my very messy student room/tiny cupboard. I just can never ever justify throwing anything away and why should I? I am creating my own little landfill site in my room, full of useless junk - but not everything has to have a purpose! My justification to the Mother, who will be the one digging me out of all the rubbish one day!

I even save newspaper clippings (my favorite one is titled '70 OAPS GIVEN EVICTION WARNING OVER LATE-NIGHT BINGO SESSIONS') Now for those that know me I like a good game of bingo, and to think these pensioners are being threatened with Asbos, the article goes on to say that a 'fellow party organizer Brenda Gough, 66, filed a complaint to the council after lies began circulating that she moved her 99-year-old mother out so she could take over her tenancy, and that she brought men home for sex.' Its such a funny article to read, especially when Jean Walton states 'I don't want to vegetate for the rest of my life'. AMAZING - just when you think its the youth today rebelling against society - a grandma is out doing the lot.

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