Friday, 18 March 2011

Some major photographic inspiration...

When I went to Belgium, I made sure I came back with their version of ELLE - so what I can't read German - thats OK as I prefer visual communication so much more than articles. Call it a cliché but a picture can speak a thousand words, and most of the time an image can communicate much more effectively than words.

I also love how you can read into an image however you want - there is no right or wrong way to understand a photograph.

So here goes these are my favourite visuals from Belgium ELLE...

These images definitely get me in to the mood for warmer months and summer!! Which means no tights, cute dresses and BBQs! x


  1. Ahh so pretty! Just found you on ifb, love the blog :) Following you now! Check mine out too and follow back if you like xoxo

  2. Wow, LOVE that "Roses" page. It's like watercolor heaven...
    x Elizabeth / IN BETWEEN SEAMS