Thursday, 17 March 2011

Statement Jewellery

I absolutely love jewelery its so versatile - no matter what you are wearing theres gonna be something in the box to suit your outfit. Simple and boring outfit day? (I have plenty!) All you have to do is just chuck  a statement necklace on and there you have it - an instant update. No matter how old a piece of Jewelery is it gives outfits detail and meaning. One of the major benefits is that it makes you look like you have made an effort, without taking a hell of a long time. And last but not least its a great buy to make you feel good as it doesn't cost as much as clothing!

I love my little growing collection of jewelery, which has some diverse pieces - from pearls to skulls, theres something in my jewelery box for any occasion.
Here are some of my favorites...
 I bought these earrings at POP boutique in Manchester on Oldham Street - amazing vintage shop!

 My mum bought me this necklace for my year 11 prom from a jewelers, its so pretty and delicate and definitely something I wouldn't normally wear, but its perfect for formal occasions.

 Ahhh rings! These are few of my ever growing ring collection - I absolutely love rings. I really think they can make an outfit.  My goal is to have a ring on every finger (yes you read correctly - crazy I know but I just love the feel of them). The chief's head is from Spain and so is the big one, the square one was stolen from mum and the Vivienne Westwood which is AWESOME was an 18th birthday present from all my friends back home.

 This charm bracelet was originally my grandmother's, the charms are brilliant - so much better than the Pandora Sh*te that people have now. Its so chunky and jiggle jaggles when you move. My favorite charm is the postbox which can be opened up to reveal a little postman stood inside. God knows why he's in there when he should be doing his job - but there you go - each to their own!

 My Mawi skeleton necklace - cost an arm and a leg (literally) but my God it was worth it! I have this thing for skulls and I don't know why I just think they are incredibly cool. If you haven't checked out Mawi Jewelery I 100% recommend it. I love the clasp that you open to put it on as well!

 This bracelet was just a cheap thing from a shop in Spain.

 And this is my most recent purchase from Belgium - bought at a fleamarket where I haggled the man down from 10 euros to 5... Yes I know I am a genius!


  1. Such great pieces! And that Mawi skeleton necklace is so cool :)

    xx T

  2. love all.lucky!

    nice blog

    come by and maybe follow back!

  3. love your jewels - i too have a "thing" for statement pieces.

    i just love the chief head ring - amazing!!


  4. LOVE fun statement jewelry! Cool blog!

  5. Cool blog!

    xoxo from Spain

  6. Love the bracelets! Charm bracelets are my favorite ))