Thursday, 6 October 2011

My camera has broken due to myself fiddling around with it abit too much! Which means I can't show the world my newest purchases :(

I have been so busy this week - starting University again (second year) with new projects and deadlines already set - while I write this my head is whirling aorund trying to gather together everything I need to do tonight before I go to sleep. I have also been working part-time at Topshop whilst also trying to have a little bit of a social life. I can not wait till Sunday.

I have survived off one sausage roll today - God knows how I did it!

Just booked my ticket to go see Legally Blonde at the theatre! Excitement!

Here are some images that sum up my life at the moment...







Sometimes I feel so busy I never stop and think or just let myself relax and enjoy the company I am in. The last picture shows that sometimes you just have to let go some days and just ride it out and not over think what you have to do. My brain is always switched on and I need to learn to just turn off. My boyfriend Alex gets it the worst - he comes over but I will still find something I need to do.

What is it that makes us keep on going? I need to learn to take it easy, roll on Sunday morning lay in... I'm gonna need it.

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