Saturday, 22 October 2011

More of a miss rather than a hit - Versace for H&M Collaboration

H&M is famous for its designer collaborations - giving the masses their chance to own a designer piece. There has been Karl Lagerfield, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, and now Versace. I have never been impressed with any of the collaborations, and neither have I bought any of the clothing. My reasons for this are simple:
1. I believe fashion should have some sort of hierarchy. Distinguishing not the customer, but the quality and workmanship you are paying for. Of course Versace and their consumers can pull off the vibrant and busy clothing - the quality of the product takes away that tackiness that comes with lower priced garments.
2. Fashion designers shouldn't be in fashion just to make a quick buck. I have a very romanticised view on high end fashion, designers shouldn't downgrade with a high street store. Its put on a pedestal for reason - made for a priviledged few and aspirational to the masses.
3. The clothes are bought for the wrong reasons - the garments in the collaboration will sell out in no time and H&M will be raising their glasses to yet another profitable collaboration. However just because something sells, doesn't mean it sells for the right reasons. I would place my money on many people buying a Versace for H&M
item, wouldn't even look at it without the Versace tag sewn in. People think that they are buying into a less expensive version of Versace, where as they are actually buying into a more expensive H&M VERSION of Versace. The clothing hasn't been made in the ateliers, hand sewn or embellished by the Versace manufacturers - they have been made by H&M with the same standards as their range.

Personally, I believe if you can't afford it then why try to buy into a lifestyle you don't lead?  Maybe the girl eyeing up your Mulberry bag doesn't know its in fact a fake bought from Turkey whilst on a girls holiday, but YOU do. But fakes are a different topic. I just hope designers wise up and realise that a collaboration with H&M maybe great in the short-term but in the longterm it may stay to chip away at their true identity.

What do you think? Let me know if you agree or disagree!

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