Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lessons in French.








This evening I will be attending my first French class since year nine. I am so excited to learn a new skill, and I am so annoyed with myself that A) I took German for GCSE instead of French B) I thought I was that hilarious back in my younger years that I decided to sing and speak English and German through my French exams. Which then led on to C) Being banned from ever learning French again at school.

So I am starting over - my past relationship with French wiped clean (well for me anyway - hopefully French will feel the same way). I am beginner again, and this time there will be no utterances of ich speile or mein geburtstag ist... Lets just say I scraped a B.

My boyfriend can look forward to me speaking to him in the romantic language. Note to self: Must get rid of my northern twang. I can even tell the difference just by moving to Nottingham, what is it going to be like when I live in Paris with my cute little Pug named Pretentious?

So tonight is the night - back to basics with Chantal Cointot for two hours, I have a nice new notebook and French dictionary to help me along.

Wish me luck!

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